GL-MT300N-V2 to Asus AC1900

Help setting up Configure following: I have easytether installed on GL300-v2 and phone I get direct connection from phone via easytether to GL300 plugged into usb port. I then want Gl300 to pass internet via ethernet wired to Asus wifi router to broadcast wifi. How do I configure this scenario. I cannot activate normal tether on phone as I am tether restricted thus i use easytether

I assume you can connect devices to the wifi of the MT300N-V2 and that works ok. Then I think you connect an ethernet cable from the LAN port on the MT300N-v2 to a LAN port on the AC1900, and configure the AC1900 as a wireless access point.

Thanks for the help seems you connect Lan port on GL-MT300 to WAN port on asus works perfectly. I was following Easytether instructions and finally realized that the phone must be connected to the GL USB port with easytether installed and checked on phone for the commands to work correctly

Well that works too, but that way the Asus is acting as a second router. So the Mango will be routing the phone to its wifi and LAN port with a network address range (default) of 192.168.8.xx. The Asus WAN port will pick up an IP address in that range, and then routing it to its LAN ports and wifi a network address range of 192.168.1.xx. That means that devices connected to the Asus will not reach devices on the Mango. That may be fine.

The other way is to do it LAN port to LAN port, with the ASUS as an access point and not a router. Then everything will be in the same address range and controlled by the Mango DHCP server.

Also, you could take the Mango out of the picture and tether the phone to the Asus USB port. You may want to put the Merlin software on the Asus as well. The Asus is obviously a lot more powerful.