GL mt300n v2 Transparent bridge guest WiFi


I have my router working as a transparent bridge for my lan (over power lines) and was wondering if there was a way to provide an additional, almost identical WiFi network but with client isolation to act as a guest network.

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Quick update: I’ve installed the v3.x firmware as I see it has a guest WiFi option. All good!

However, the guest WiFi is only an option if the router is not in transparent bridge mode meaning that my clients will receive IP address on a different subnet. I think I can live with that.

However, clients connected to the guest WiFi appear to have access to the underlying Lan ie client can access I had assumed they would be isolated with only access to the internet, but I assume that because the router is assigned a an IP on the Lan, it bridges the WiFi. Can anyone offer some advice, either on the mt300n side, or perhaps isolating Lan traffic from the mt300n so it can only access the wan (the main router is running ddwrt)?

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If you had upgraded to v3.x firmware and used guest WiFi, it should work.

A client connects to the guest WiFi, only can access the Internet, but cannot access the admin web page or something else.


Thanks for your response

This is where it is:

Ddwrt (LAN+WAN): main router. 192.168.1.x
GL router in router mode (WAN over power line) assigned IP by ddwrt router (eg

  • normal WiFi: 192.168.8.x
  • guest WiFi: 192.168.9.x

If I connect via the guest WiFi, you’re correct I cannot access the admin page nor anything on the 192.168.8.x subnet. However, I assume that because it needs to bridge onto the 192.168.1.x subnet for internet via the ddwrt router (the one that the main Lan is on and the one it has been assigned it’s address via DHCP), that it therefore has access to everything on the 192.168.1.x subnet. Does this make sense and is there any way around it?

Apologies for any incorrect terminology…

Bridge mode? If set the router to bridge mode(AP/Extender mode), the guest network doesn’t work. You can’t use guest in bridge mode, we limit it.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, obviously in bridge mode the guest WiFi is not available. And from the above set up you can see it’s in the router mode.

The issue is that the clients will appear to come from the main Lan (192.268.1.x) to the main router when they leave the GL mt300n, which gives full access from the guest access to the main Lan.

I’m happy to close this, as I don’t think it’s really anything hardware specific, but thank you for your help.