GL-MT300N-V2 + travelmate = fails

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so this is my first content on this forum.
Therefore, please bare with me ,if some information is missing at first. I will add them asap.

I just ordered the Mango device and found out, that using the LCI I am able to add some further features to the device, which I really appreciate.

I have found the travelmate app and would like to set it up, so I have enabled the feature and restarted the device.

Runtime Information

Travelmate Status (Quality)
running / not connected

Travelmate Version


Station Interface

Faulty Stations

WPA Capabilities

Last Run

To my understanding, I have to run the wifi scan to choose the wifi to be used with travelmate.

On the tab “wireless stations” I have tried to scan using the “scan mt7628 (11g)” feature but I fail, nothing is shown, the scan window does not show any detected wifi networks.

The log shows “No travelmate related logs yet!” - no entry - just blank!

here is the config

config travelmate ‘global’
option trm_captive ‘1’
option trm_proactive ‘1’
option trm_netcheck ‘0’
option trm_iface ‘trm_wwan’
option trm_triggerdelay ‘2’
option trm_debug ‘0’
option trm_maxretry ‘5’
option trm_listexpiry ‘0’
option trm_minquality ‘35’
option trm_maxwait ‘30’
option trm_timeout ‘60’
option trm_rtfile ‘/tmp/trm_runtime.json’
option trm_enabled ‘1’
option trm_autoadd ‘1’

Any help is appreciated!

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Since travelmate is a 3rd party plugin from OpenWrt it might be better to ask here:

It might interference with the GL firmware, not sure.

I would recommend that if you do not want to use the GL iNet interface for managing your connection, and instead want use Travelmate, that you go change your firmware to OpenWrt. GL iNet makes some changes to their firmware that often breaks packages that they don’t install.