GL-MT300N-V2 update 3.105 MAIN BUGs (QoS and Time Sync) please read it developer

After update to 3.105 I noticed 2 serious bugs for me because I used it as the main feature of this router.

  1. QoS no longer works even if the settings are correct. (already reported by another users)
  2. When router has power outage and restarted the time no longer auto sync to the internet, so it has problem when connecting to GoodCloud service because the time is out of sync, so I cannot see the router online when accessing GoodCloud, I must set the sync manually in local network in the LuCI interface (system>sync with browser in time setting) after that it works again, It is a pain in the ass to set it manually every after power outage. So please fix this too.

When is the time estimation for the fix? Thank you.

Will update when I found another bug.

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Do you have the AP disabled too? From what I’ve read, it looks like if you keep the AP on, it will auto-connect to the Internet after reboot. It might work as a temporary fix for you (if you’ve currently got it disabled).


Everything is fine besides the problems I’ve mentioned in the first post, Internet connected as normal after power outtage but the time is out of sync.

QoS bug is known. Fixing now.

But time is not sync?