GL-MT300N-V2 v.3.011 OpenVPN

Greetings all and Happy New Year of troubleshooting!

I got GL-MT300N-V2 upgraded to v.3.011 and can’t find where I can set “No Internet” if OpenVPN fails.


It is enforced by default.

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So if there is no VPN connection then there is no internet access?

Yup, it can avoid to data leak.


Not exactly - correct me if I am wrong, but if you do not click “connect” (in the VPN menu) then it is not enforced. It would be better to have an option that kills all internet other than through the VPN, or at least a visual reminder that “force” is activated.

This is the same in v2.0. You have to enable at least one vpn connection. Isn’t it.

So you want an Internet kill switch without any vpn profile?