GL-MT300N-V2 / VPN : access problems

Good morning,

I use GL-MT300N-V2 to reach my webserver device via VPN.
I connect my network cable to the WAN and my device to be reached to the LAN.
Everything is ok, but I cannot reach the GL-MT300N-V2 configuration page from my PC if I type the GL-MT300N-V2 IP into the browser.
If I use the IP of the VPN I can reach it because I have enabled data passage, but with the IP of my LAN I can’t reach it.
Are there any special settings to make?

Thank you

Could you please draw a network overview how it looks like?
Use maybe.

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Seems to understand your question.

You have connect your vpn server on MT300N-V2
You can access MT300N-V2 via, which is the vpn IP
But you cannot acess MT300N-V2 via its WAN IP, e.g., right?

But why do you have to acess using its WAN IP?

Also check if firmwar 4.3.11 fixed that or not.

my GL-MT300 already has firmware 4.3.11
On WAN port I connected my router on IP addresses
On the LAN port I have my device with IP address
My OpenVPN is on IP

The GL-MT300 configuration page can be reached with:

  • PC/GL-MT300 direct wifi on IP
  • VPN on IP 10.10.1.xx

I wanted the display of the administrator pages from the network IP where it is connected to provide remote assistance in case my VPN fails. A second access road in case something goes wrong. In these days of use I have had cases in which the GL-MT300 crashed and I had to do a general reset.

Thank you

You want to access the router’s admin panel at
How can this be done when vpn fails?

If you are connect to network of course you can do. But if you are in a remote area, when vpn breaks, you cannot connect to network.

Of course this is true, but I need it to guide those who are on site to carry out checks

If you just want to access the router using its wan ip,

in firmware 3.x or 4.x you can just open ports.

In firmware 4.x you can also go to system->security

In my GL-MT300N-V2 release 4.3.11 the menu you mention is not present.
I’m probably trying to do something that isn’t possible automatically.
Opening port 80 in the firewall menu works

Thank you