GL-MT300N-V2: what is the maximal real life WAN to LAN throughput of the router WITHOUT using VPN and other stuff?

When given 80 Mbps on the WAN site, will the router put it through consistently?

It should over the wire. Wireless is going to depend on signal, but even there you should be ok if you’re close I would think

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It should be above 90mbps and runs good.

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So I’ve tried it.

The ISP provides a 80 Mbps symmetric channel.

However behind GL-MT300N-V2 (wired LAN) though the downstream is almost 80 Mbps the upstream is only 20 Mbps.

Is there something I could tweak?

Have you tried testing directly on the ISP?

WAN to LAN should be generally stable and don’t have special reason for speed reduction.