GL-MT300N-V2 with OLED SSD1306

I’m trying to run a display on the i2c bus:

I got the dispay working sending the i2c bytes manually.
I need a display driver to make the easy for showing some stats.
→ There’s a driver written on C: GitHub - mkschreder/hack-ssd1306-openwrt: Tutorial on how to connect an ssd1306 oled display to OpenWRT over a usb to i2c dongle (ch341)

For python → micropython there’s a lot a code made for expressif boards (ESP8266, ESP32) and Raspberry pi.

The problem is the missing modules for Micropython to deal with I2C and the driver for the display:

→ github. com/micropython/micropython/blob/master/drivers/display/

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What possible use is there for a oled screen on this device? x)

Show stats like: Public IP, devices connected, throughput, resources usage. Passwords and SSID, errors. It’s a display! why not?

Is it possible to port the micropython lib to openwrt?

You can run micropython and python, the problem is with some librararies. And the space avaliable on the mtn300n.

THe display works, I2C works. You only need to program the driver.

How about displaying a QR Code :wink:

Maybe start working on it. The hardware portion and having the i2c communication it’s done.

Anyone else is trying this?