GL-MT300N-V2 with OpenVPN and Access to all clients

HI I have setup MT300NV2 as a OPENVPN Client and got this to connect successfully. However I wish to achieve the following:

I have a raspberry PI which I have connected to LAN Port on MT300NV2 which I need connected to VPN all the time. The rasberry PI is accessible by the LAN subnet 192.168.8.xx.

However most of my devices are connected via DHCP to my main Router. The MT300NV2 is connected to my main router and gets its WAN IP address 192.168.1.xx.

My PC and Laptop are only connected to Main Router and all have 192.168.1.xx IP addresses.

I need to be able to connect to the Rasberrry Pi and the MT300NV2 admin from the 192.168.1.xx to 192.168.8.xx.

NO idea how to achieve this, can you provide some steps i need access from my Main router subnet to MT300NV2 subnet to access their devices and their admin pages etc. The PI also has shares I wish to access SMB etc.

Please help I spent many nights.

You can put MT300N-V2 in AP mode so that your Raspberry Pi get 192.168.1.x IP directly and all devices in one Subnet. To do this. go to MT300N-V2 control pannel, more setting and network mode.

If you do not want to change the mode, you can just port forward etc. or DMZ in the firewall settings. It will be more complicated.

Alzhao, thx for the suggestion, will the AP mode allow for OpenVPN to function correctly with the Pi and still provide access?

No. If you use AP then the router cannot route data via vpn.

If you want to use everything combined it will be too complicated.

I’have used router mode setting “use wan ad lan”. Wireguard is ok Afterhours port forwarding his port on the main router and adding wireguard zone into lan zone in firewall by luci.

Guys any guides on how to do this?

I am able to setup OpenVPN in Router mode but then only way to access the devices connected to MT300NV2 LAN of 192.168.8.xx is if I connect a device directly to that network.

MT300NV2 is connected to my main router and gets its IP from there. BUt has its own internal LAN subnet.

Just need a guide or a post that describes the steps.

Thx for the responses.

In router mode you have to set a static ip for the wan in the same subnet of the main router than set “use wan as lan” and have to stop dhcp server.