GL-MT300N-V2: WLAN auto re-connect, USB charging

I just bought this little Mango and like it very much, great features for this little price! I want to use it as a backup router in my home network to supply it with internet in case of failure from my normal ISP.
LAN IP changed, DHCP disabled (in the advanced menu, unfortunately there is no possibility for that simple configuration in the normal Webinterface), connection to the network via LAN-port (cable)
Internet to the router via Smartphone (Android 10) Hotspot or Tethering
LAN-WLAN of the router disabled, because I don´t need it

I realized two problems/bugs with the actual FW V3.102 - Apr 15, 2020:

Connection via hotspot: If the LAN-WLAN is disabled, the router does not auto-reconnect to the saved hotspot of the smartphone. I need to use the Webinterface, scan the WLANs again and connect it. Even a reconnect of the saved hotspot is not possible, I need to scan and choose the hotspot again.
Also with the disabled LAN-WLAN there is no possibility to see if the router is ready booted up (because the WLAN LED stays off)…
If I enable the LAN-WLAN, the auto-reconnection to the hotspot works normal (workaround).

Connection via tethering: This works fine but the smartphone doesn´t get charged from the USB-port of the router. Even if I switch off tethering and choose “charge only” at the smartphone, it doesn´t get charged. I measured the power consumption of the router with a USB-multimeter and it stays around 200mA and does not change after plugging in the USB cable to the smartphone.

Do the developpers of the router also read here in the forum or is there another possibility for a “bug report” like this?

Does someone know a workaround for the charging problem or another workaround for the auto-reconnect issue?

Thanks and best regards!

It should charge your phone. The problems seems that the phone cut the charging intentionally. Maybe because the current is so slow. You can try a more powerful power adapter to check but I doubt this will solve the problem.

For the repeater, I don’t know why it does not reconnect with AP disabled. It should. I will test.

I just tested some other power adapters and the charging works now! Thanks for the hint!
I think the phone cuts the charging if the voltage is too low.
The first adapter I used has 4,9V at the USB port while using. Directly connected to the phone, it charges, but through the router there is an additional voltage drop.
An adapter with 5,2V and another with 5,4V at the USB port works normal.

So there is just the rebinding/reconnection issue left. Did you already test it @alzhao?

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