GL-MT300N-V2 won’t connect to chromebook? Any help?

Recently received my mini smart router, plugged in and charged… connects to my iPhone fine! However, it will not connect to my chromebook?
Everytime i try it says: ‘failed to connect to network unrecognised error, unknown failure‘

Anybody had this issue before and know how to get me connected?

Any help would be really appreciated!

While there doesn’t seem to be a resolution, please have a look here.

I’m afraid this has been covered pretty extensively in another forum thread…

Alas, gl-iNet doesn’t have an Acer chromebook (or any of the other models where the problem has been replicated) to troubleshoot.

Restarting the router is pretty much a waste of time. The problem exists between the MT300N-v2 and Chromebook and not a router the mango might be connected to.

Best advice if you really need to get this working is that maybe 1% of the time you’ll get connected. Or buy a Slate or try some other model.

Finally did some test and pls check here.

I can only repeat that this problem presents itself only on some Chromebooks, not all. The other thread lists about five models which show the problem. Quite a number of other models work fine.

It’s probably all a matter of whose chips and drivers are in the Chromebook.

The firmware has been provided to you by email. Looking forward to your feedback, thank you.