Gl-mt300n-v2 xbox vpn

I am using the GL-MT300N-V2 aka “Mango” that is connected another router already. So it goes Modem>Netgear>Mango>xbox But I am having nat strict and upnp when using in router mode and the openvpn is on.

I already setup openvpn on the Mango but there seems to be a conflict with the xbox.

I essentially just want to use the vpn to control the region my xbox.

Any help here?

So you set up openvpn on Mango and your xbox complians the firewall type right?

In the Openvpn settings, there is an option “allow local access” can you enable that?

Mango does not support upnp by default, maybe you can port forward all the necessary ports from vpn to your xbox?

Searching the Internet I found these ports

  • Port 88 (UDP)
  • Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 80 (TCP)
  • Port 500 (UDP)
  • Port 3544 (UDP)
  • Port 4500 (UDP)