GL-MT300N V3.212 ARP issues?

It’s a question not a statement. But it seems that my IOT devices became very slow and each web ui cannot be opened. The same devices send regularly their data to the server. It seems it happened after the last update. It’s only a first impression at the moment. Possibly something due to some change on the ARP or similar process on the last update ? Any experienced same issues ?

Do you mean the router or IoT device?

… IOT devices. Immediately after a rebooting of the Mango, their web ui (of the IOT devices) opens enough fastly but later become very slow and most of times unreachable. On the Mango are installed only the default plugins but it seems became slower in the negotiation step of the connected devices after the last firmware release. I’m planning to check if with a static ip the situation becomes better. Until now I’ve left the Mango assignes the ip with dhcp but mainly it is always the same. It’s in a remote location and can’t verify the amperes of the battery charger but if I right remember it should be 1 Amp.