GL-MT300N VPN failures

Whatever I do, I’m unable to use GL-MT300N as a VPN client, either for OpenVPN or WireGuard.

I have two VPNs: PiVPN and Mullvad.

My PiVPN’s .ovpn files fail when I import them, probably because they contain my log-in credentials. I have tried to create new ones without these credentials baked-in but so far I’ve had no luck.

I have tried to connect to Mullvad using the built-in WireGuard wizard on the router, but they aren’t accepted either.

If anyone has had any luck with either configuration, I’d appreciate a bit of help please.

Are they encoded .OVPN files, or not? There are usually differences with options for OpenVPN; you’ll need the unencoded version to update and debug most of the time- or login to the service via ssh to your router and try running openvpn ‘path-to-config’ for further debugging.

I don’t know how I would know if they’re encoded. I created them with the command ‘pivpn add’.

I tried to create a new profile with 'pivpn add nopass’ thinking that it might prompt me for a password when run but that didn’t help.

It does look like pivpn add nopass should have worked to create a user without a password.

Try using scp to copy your file to root@:/tmp and then login to it using ssh, then try running openvpn /tmp/ and check for errors. I’m afraid I’m not completely versed with the most recent build of GL’s wrapper; I’m much more familiar with v2.

What is happening when you use the built-in wireguard wizard for Mullvad?

Does it pop up error?

I was probably making some rookie error (I’m obviously not very VPN-literate) so in the end I gave up. I realised that it would probably be better to use WireGuard than OpenVPN for my private VPN so I’ll probably buy another GL-MT300N for that purpose and set it up as a Wireguard Server. Thanks for your help anyway.

No, no errors; it showed that it was connected but it just didn’t connect. In the end I talked it through with Mullvad and they suggested that I simply open the configuration file in a text editor and paste it in. That worked, although I had to play about with the VPN policies as well.

Glad you finally got it working; sorry, I haven’t been back here much.

Any info you can provide the GL-Inet team will help them handle issues with the v3 and future interfaces.

The router will try to get the configuration using API. Seems he API requests are blocked by his network.