GL-MT300N Wrong Key

I have been using this repeater for a couple years. It has been a life saver. Lately it started to act up. It was only used to repeat the hotspot from my wife’s cell phone. Now it won’t connect to her cell and when I reset the repeater and try to reconnect, it says “Wrong Key” The password is her phone number. It is the correct password

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Pls try the latest snapshot GL.iNet download center which fixed various scenarios of wrong key.

If still not resolved, pls let me know more details, e.g. phone mode, hotspot ssid and key to have a check.

Thank you for your help. I love the MT300N. It has been a life saver.
Whenever I try to download the an update to the CL-MT300N it looses connect at the end.

This is what I am doing,

I download the update to my laptop. I connect the laptop to the MT300’s wifi signal. When I am updating the Mt300 it gets to 99% and then switches to my house wifi.

I may be doing something wrong, but it doesn’t recognize a connection via ethernet cable.

What is the LED status?