GL-MT6000 Bricked - Partition Table Problem

My partition 7 has a default name assigned by gdisk instead of rootfs.
I own the issue, I was not careful to use option c before w.

The device will not boot as there is no longer a partition named rootfs. I cannot ping in the default powered up state.

The device will go into recovery mode if I hold the reset button, apply power and continue to hold until the light is solid.
With the laptop nic set to I can connect to and see the U-Boot screen. I can select a firmware image and upload but flash fails as there is no rootfs partition to write to.
In this mode I can ping but attempts to ssh root@ just time out.

Is there any way to rename my partition 7 or otherwise re-partition mmcblk0?

Thanks in adv

My FT232 adapter finally showed up.
“gpt rename 0 7 rootfs” from the boot loader console and all is well.

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