GL-MT6000 Disconnects Every Day on a Weird Way

Hello everyone,

I’ve encountered a issue with my router, and I’m reaching out for some guidance. I’m from Germany and recently purchased the GL-MT6000. This router is connected to a WAN network capable of speeds up to 2.5Gbit/s. However, I’ve observed a daily decrease in bandwidth, eventually dwindling to 100Kb/s slowly decreasing to 0 for a minute before the connection drops entirely. I’ve been monitoring the logs since January but couldn’t pinpoint the cause until I came across a specific log entry:

“HTB: quantum of class 10001 is big. Consider r2q change.”

I’m puzzled about what this message implies, which setting it refers to, and whether it’s the root of my bandwidth issues or if there’s another underlying problem.

Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Additional details:

  • I’ve set up a WireGuard server.
  • AdGuard is operational.
  • My firmware version is 4.5.6.

Thank you!

Always beginning at the same time or is it more or less random?

Internet told me that this is nothing to worry about, not sure if they are right - but I would guess it’s not the reason why the internet will fail, more a sympthom.

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This happens completely randomly but i can trigger it by downloading using max bandwith, thats why i thought the HTB might have something to do with it.

is there anyone who had the same issue?

Hmm can you try with 4.5.7 ? Please make a backup before and flash without keeping settings.

^ 4.5.6 equal or lower than, use a early snapshot of 23.05, some if these symptoms you describe may get updated upstream from OpenWrt, currently you have two options: go with a OpenWrt snapshot with no luci ui, or go with 4.5.7 with a older openwrt version and not all packages.

For wifi stability i would recommend going for 4.5.7+. :+1:

If you still want the openwrt snapshot way, make sure to use the sysupgrade one to preserve u-boot.


Do you mean the speed on wifi or speed on Ethernet as well?

Can you get the full log?

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I’ll try this today, thank you.

This happens on both and every time i am over 1Gbit/s download speed this triggers very fast and easy.
Next time this Happens i provide a full LOG.