GL-MT6000 extremely poor signal

Suddenly my GL-MT6000’s 5 GHz signal has become very poor. I resetted the device, but no change.

Check the screenshot below, I am sitting like 10 feet from the router.

What is going on? Why could this have happened all of a sudden?

Edit: I am on the latest stable firmware and 160 Mhz channel.

-81 means pretty bad signal.

What power settings do you use?
Try to change to 80 MHz, since 160 MHz is still under troubleshooting right now.

Changed it to 80 MHz, still having very bad signal. Could this be a hardware issue/failure?

I tired different channels as well, but no avail.

Hm, that’s strange. Can your smartphone connect without issues?

Unfortunately, I am not into MacOS, so I can’t help here.
Maybe other people know more ways for troubleshooting.

Smartphone is also seeing bad signal, around -75db.

If you’ve connected a USB 3 storage device then try removing it, since it’s likely causing interference.

A DFS channel like 120 should also perform better than 161.

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I haven’t connected any USB device and setting the channel to any of the values didn’t help.

This is so weird. The router was working flawlessly, and all of a sudden the signal crapped out like if there are no external antennas.

Also when I move very close to the router, like 5 centimeters close, the signal does not go over -60.

2.4 GHz seems to be working fine. Getting -30 signal.

Hmm did you maybe use the same ssid for both bands? 2.4ghz/5ghz ?:thinking:

Not that this helps but i got my suspicioun something is not right on the 2.4ghz band theres so many posts about it to bad 802.1n performance to low tx power for some ppl like me on 802.1ax, and maybe this combo adds even more to trouble for 5ghz?

Its just a guess not something i got confirmed on 5ghz, its strange you seem to get the opposite of the issues on 5ghz and not on 2.4ghz.

But if it is then there has to be a concurent issue perhaps?

I am using different SSID for 2.4 and 5.

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If you access this channel analysis page does the 5GHz radio detect any other APs and display itself with a strong signal?

I assume you haven’t changed the routers power supply in any way and you’ve already tried resetting the router. But have you tried reflashing the firmware?

Just flashed firmware 4.5.4. Still terrible 5 GHz signal.

Looks like I should return this and get Asus instead.

Having almost the similar issue so I only use 2.4 for now.

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There is something I don’t understand: A MCS of 9 is shown, that means you need a minimum SNR of 40dB. Your SNR is only 10dB but you have a throughput of 907 Mbps.
These values don’t fit.

Could this be a hardware issue? Can I do a RMA?

@hansome Maybe you can help?

That is very strange, I am like 20 feet away and I have full 5GHz signal from my Flint 2 on my laptop, and the signal values are -49 for 2.4Ghz and -70 for 5GHz (with a concrete wall in the middle)
I would say this is a software issue, and like I said before the range could be better on this router, I don’t think it is transmitting at 1000mW. I hope this can be optimized.

Another strange observation. LUCI says that the signal value is -60 and macbook apps “Wifi Signal” and “Wifi Explorer Pro” say -87. I have a couple of other 5 GHz routers, they all show strong signal in my macbook, only MT6000 shows bad signal.

My other 5 GHz router which is ~50 feet away from me. It has quite a strong signal. So I think mac is not the issue here.

Android too is showing bad signal.