GL-MT6000 Flint 2 continues to Ping servers unexpectedly in Access Point mode even after turning off Multi-WAN connection checks

Firmware v4.5.7

Flint 2 continues to Ping,, etc. for Multi-WAN Internet connection checks like it does in Router mode (expected) while in Access Point mode (unexpected).

Edit (April 7, 2024):

  • Note that I did change all connection test server IPs (which worked) then disabled all Multi-WAN connection tests in Router mode (Pings stopped, as expected) before switching to Access Point mode (Pings started again, unexpectedly, and reverted to the default servers, double-unexpectedly).

  • Added OPNsense firewall screenshot showing the Blocks I had to put in place for these Pings.

I agree ! In fact the multiwan feature is too buggy and GL promised to fix it in future releases.

The first thing I do on my modem upon reboot, I kill all processes belong to the multiwan/tracking.

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Why not just disable them? :smiley:

As I indicated in other posts, disabling it does not close their processes - it can only be done through the kill command.

Could you so kindly inform which specific processes to kill belonging to Multi-WAN/Tracking? Thank you so much.

Please check my posts where we have gone into details for killing it.

I looked through your replies and posts, and maybe I don’t know how to do that properly as I’ve not had to do that through another person’s profile.

Can you please link me to it?

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Sure! You can find it in this post:

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Thank you very much for the link!

Tricky suspending a process that lives only 5 seconds, too short to get see its PID and typing even just the last few numbers in. Any tips?

Agree. Use pgrep in a loop to catch fast re-spawning processes:
for p in $(pgrep <process-name>);do kill -STOP $p; done

Note: you may have noticed in the post I linked, some processes if get killed, they will re-spawn; that’s why we suspend them instead using the command: kill -STOP $p

Note: based on your usage of the modem, identify the services and processes that you need. once you disable/stop all unneeded services and kill/pause all unneeded processes, the modem will be become rock solid! It’s a trial and error process though.

Works great, thank you so much.
I appreciate your help!