GL-MT6000 Flint2 - VPN exception

Hello friends,
I bought the GL-iNET GL-MT6000 Flint2 to run all my internet traffic via VPN. I have chosen ProtonVPN as my provider.
Basically, the VPN runs fast and without any problems via Wiregard.
The router is running version 4.5.4 and OpenWRT 23.05.0 r23497-6637af95aa
However, some streaming providers are no longer accessible when all Internet traffic runs via VPN.
What do I have to do to access different sites without VPN?

I have tried to specify the web addresses ( that should not run via VPN under VPN Dashboard / VPN Client / Modify Proxy Mode / Policy Mode / Based on the Target Domain or IP. Unfortunately without success.

Which settings do I have to change so that everything works the way I want it to?

Thank you for your support and help

I guess you should add all of Netflix’s domains instead of just
Netflix - Domains, IPs and App Information (
domain-list-community/data/netflix at master · v2ray/domain-list-community · GitHub
List of Netflix domains (

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Here’s a list compiled fr @yuxin.zou 's sources, my own but not including the massive ASN/IPs fr Netify:

It’s not just Netflix, but also Sky, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime

It’d be the same process for ea. but I don’t use those services.

Unfortunately I have not found this list for Sky. And I come from Germany.


I don’t suppose you’ve got anything over there in your part of DE, do you?

Not really since I don’t use streaming services anymore.

I can only provide rules for Disney+:



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yes, we did …