GL-MT6000 LAN Aggregation & VLAN Tagging

Just received my GL-MT6000, and performing its initial setup. I’m looking to replace my old EdgeRouter with this - but running into a few questions:

I’d like to bond - (4) LAN Interfaces as a LACP / Ether-channel to my Cisco Switch, with a few VLANs.
What’s the best way to do this? Can I run multiple DHCP scopes - one for each of my VLANs?

Thanks in advance!

You could try this one Any good guides on LACP that are more up to date? - Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum but I would assume it will break features of the GL GUI. So I would not recommend it.

I’ll give it a read. Much appreciated!

My alternative would be to use 2.5g switch - and use that for the LACP back to my Cisco switch… but that seems a bit silly.

Any suggestions/feedback on the other questions re: VLAN Tagging / multiple DHCP Scopes? Would that break anything or make firmware upgrades challenging?

Yep and yep.
It might break GUI parts and when you update your firmware it will revert (some/all) changes. So … hm … I am not quite sure if it’s a good way to go :wink: Maybe you want to go with plain OpenWrt only. (See download here - but please make sure you read and understand everything before doing so.)

Seems to solve your question.

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