GL-MT6000 poor performance

I received my GL-MT6000/Flint 2 a week ago.
I bought it because of:

Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) is a Wi-Fi 6 home and office router ideally suited for heavy-duty data transmission, mass device connectivity or ultra-low latency gaming environments.

After a few days of usage I’m not sure what to think.
I’m sometimes getting decent speeds. (> 450 Mbps - <= 800 Mbps) Usually when I’m on of the only clients in the network (via wifi).
Sometimes the download speed inexplically drops to 20-100 Mbps.
If I repeat the test an hour later it goes up to 900Mbps without any changes.

Firmware 4.5.6
Changed wifi country to my own country.
Changed the bandwith of the 5GHz to 160MHz.
Hardware offloading enabled but:

When one of the wifi clients is using to do a speed test, all the wifi clients seem to be impacted. Some streams will pause.
This didn’t happen with my previous setup.

When I’m gaming using Nvidia Gforce now, the quality of the streaming is sometimes so bad I need to stop gaming. This also didn’t happen before.

How can I improve my new routers performance?

Try v4.5.7 beta:

They’re working on those issues, as far as know there seems to be a problem with the open source MTK SDK, that’s why the 2.4GHz speeds have issues, I think it will be fixed on version 4.5.7 or a future 4.5.8

Please let me explain the difference :+1:

Currently the Open Source drivers MT76 has issues from OpenWrt which was present in 4.5.6, also in this driver there were maybe also some privated changes by gl-inet too.

^ theres an OpenWrt dev which closely works with Mediatek afaik.

But MTK sdk is just a older fork of OpenWrt with mediateks own privatised drivers which is now in 4.5.7 and only for vendors.

At first i was also confused and especially due to OpenWrt but its important to be distinctive about the two especially for bug reports :slight_smile:


Great explanation :wink:
Now let’s just wait for this to be fixed

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