GL-MT6000 Slow Upload speed

Hi All!
I've been using the Beta firmware 4.6.2

So far everything is working great, except for 1 issue. My Upload speed is horrendous with the Flint 2.
I have Verizon Fios, and can match expected provisioned rate for download (~900-940 Mbps), but the upload speeds only hits around 130 Mbps max (out of an expect 880 Mbps). This is strictly on LAN connection, no WiFi testing .I do not have SQM enabled, just SW/HW Acceleration.
Anyone have any tips or clues for me?

Please do a test directly from the router itself.

Via SSH:

wget && tar xzf ookla
-speedtest-1.2.0-linux-aarch64.tgz && ./speedtest

seems work well for me

Thank you both for responding. Ran a speed test as request, verified slow upload speed:


Please let me know what connectivity of the WAN of the MT6000 with Verizon Fios? Cable WAN or Repeater, or other methods?

If the cable wan connectivity between the Verizon Fios - MT6000, please use the PC to connect to Verizon Fios do a speedtest, to see how about the LAN speed from Verizon Fios.

What if you connect your computer directly to the ISP cable and test the upload?