GL-MT6000 Static IP

I have just purchased a GL-MT6000 and I’m trying to connect it to my ISPs Optical Network Terminal (ONT) without success.

The terminal has a static ip address which was provided but even though I’m connecting the ONT to the WAN port on the router, the network isn’t being picked up.

I had a look to see if I could set the router with the new static ip address under Ethernet Settings but it was looking for Netmask, Gateway and DNS Server 1 info which I don’t think I have.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Contact your ISP and ask how to get the ONT working with a router.

I have spoken to them and their response if that they provide the Static IP and the Network but the router configuration should be whatever the router manufacturer expects / allows.

Are there default values I can assign?

But if you got the details from them (like the static IP and the network) you have everything you need. Just enter them into the router. Or maybe they provide DHCP? In that case set it to DHCP then.

If you don’t know how to get from the details to the entries for the router, send me your details (the one from the ISP) by PM.

Have you tried another device, have you connected a wired computer directly to the terminal for example?

Your ONT could be MAC address locked to the last approved router that was connected, who is the ISP?

ISP is Fibrus Northern Ireland

I did try an Ethernet cable directly from the ONT to the MacBook but no connectivity.

@admon I’m sorry but I could see how to send a PM.


Can I put the router into bridge mode?
No, we do not support putting the Nokia router into bridge mode. To use your own router, you will need to upgrade your package to include a static IP add-on. This is £6 per month for residential customers and £5* per month for business customers.

Really curious if you have paid for the static IP add-on, as you should have a subnet and other details.

Yes, I paid for the static IP and they have provided that (plus a username / Password) but nothing else as far as other config info.

Ah, password + username means PPPoE.
Try to switch to PPPoE!

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It’s PPPoE

I think that has got me going - thank you for the assistance as I was struggling to get it connected.


Thank you - I have used the credentials with PPPoE and I seem to be going now.

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