GL-MT6000 Tailscale access only for guest network

I was able to follow through the setup process of adding tailscale access (while using exit node) for all LAN. However, I am not able to limit my tailscale acess only to those connected on the guest network. I have tried following [OpenWrt Wiki] Tailscale but without luck (the tailscale connection keeps dropping) Can anyone help here?

As the features defined about the guest wifi, it didn't include in the Tailscale virtual network, aka guest wifi did not access the Tailscale terminal devices. That is GUEST wifi.

What I essentially want to do is have a dedicated, separate 2.4Ghz access point for using tailscale. The usual SSID should not be able to send traffic to and from tailscale, only the separate SSID. Could this be possible with a specific routing / firewall?

Main Wi-Fi can achieve the dedicated, separate for using tailscale to connect what you want, and the guest wifi is for the other devices.