GL.MT6000 VS ExpressVpn

Hello everyone, I have a GL.MT6000 (Flint 2) and an ExpressVpn subscription. I am Italian and live abroad.
Unfortunately I can't watch Italian television with manual configuration on the router and I contacted ExpressVpn but I was told that it is only possible via a proprietary app on the PC or with an Aircove router... too bad they forget to write it on their website and you bite a fish and get a subscription.
Now I noticed that there is an Aircove fw (expressvpn_router_4.7.3.4159_release_aircove-ax1800) that should be fine for the Flint "1" because their router is none other than the same one with their brand.
The questions: Does it really work on the Flint "1"?
Could it also be installed on the Flint 2?
Or, has anyone tried other solutions?
Sorry but I was very disappointed to discover that ExpressVpn doesn't do what it promises.

Sorry anyway while actually ExpressVPN, I mean OpenVPN, can work on GL.iNet routers, including GL.MT6000 of course.

Check this setup guide please.
Noted that you shall use the service credentials.

Thanks for the reply, but I have already successfully configured ExpressVpn as openvpn on my GL.MT6000 and it works great, however not for streaming Italian TV stations.
Which instead works if I disable the VPN on the router and connect with the ExpressVpn proprietary app, but it is absolutely inconvenient to disable the router and use the app every time.

Can you find out which server the app uses? Generally it choose server automatically.

Also for the TV, how did you test when you use vpn on the router?
When you use vpn on the router, it may need a little time to refresh the DNS, which is generally the problem.