Gl mtn300 v2 cannot access login screen by

i want to change my settings in the router but i cannot access login panel screen to do so. i typed but all i get is unable to access site. i have internet access via the router name and password given but i would like to change it but cannot get to panel on the browser. thanks

What’s the firmware version? Had you tried to reset to factory settings?

i dont thanks

Are your connected to the router via cable or wifi? Please confirm your device has get IP address from the router.

yes i am connected to wifi. and yes i confirm my address
still not able to access or get to the login page via the browser…

Did you have a try to clear your browser’s cache?

What’s the operating system and browser are you using for?

What is the IP of your pc connected to the wifi?

How did you connect the router?

Can you give screenshot etc. for better communication?