GL-MV1000-1cd - Wifi disables itself


I have a GL-MV1000-1cd that is connected through a ethernet cable with the Internet + VPN (OpenVPN). Problem is that the Wifi Network somehow disables itself quite often, as example after every restart. The only way to access the box is through PC/Cable and then do reset to default… and configure evrything again.

That becomes quite annoying lately, any ideas on how this problem can be solved ?

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Hi, do you have mv1000 with dongle or mv1000w with realtek chip inside?
I’m have 2 pcs mv1000w, use s2s from good cloud and wireguard server on main router, all work good.
If you can use wireguard, this vpn is better imho.

The wifi is working as client to your main wifi network or working as AP?

As AP, at the moment i can not access it anymore. IP adress and webinterface is not availible not even through the ethernet cable. So it is impossible to tell whats going on inside the box…

Even after hard reset: Repair or Reset - GL.iNet Docs

It does not open up any Wifi Network anymore… So no chance to get access to the configuration menu.

It does not boot? You cannot even detect it via Ethernet cable? How about the LEDs?