Gl-mv1000 3.211?


when can we expect the final software for the Brume? The latest Beta 6 is already more than a month old and the latest Snapshot even older?
Why the Brume always belongs to the latest devices who get the recent software version please?



Brume uses a different than the main router streams.

Beta6 should be OK. We just need time to test.

You know we had around 4 weeks that cannot work due to Covid 19.

File sharing does not work on Beta6 no matter what trick in the book I have tried. Also torguard wireguard appears to have very frequent disconnects on Beta6 as well. I finally gave up on it and reverted back to the latest stable version which has been working much better.

Thanks for reporting. I verified and recorded this. Will fix asap.

Investigating. Do you see wireguard just disconnect? or router crashed?

It seems that 3.211 will never be released as final as we have now a 3.212 Beta 1. How long do you expect your customers to wait for a final version?
It is somehow a strange strategy. Usually the more expensive or powerful devices are better support than the cheaper ones. But your company isn’t even trying to provide a new software to all customers the same time.


Firmware are complied at the same time. But different models has different bugs. This is the reason why 3.211 for MV1000 was not released.

Most popular device get most support.