GL-MV1000 Brume - AWUS036AC - Slow WiFi 5G Speed


GL-MV1000 is connected as a Wireless Repeater (I think it is on Repeater Mode; yet ‘Repeater’ is also issuing IPs via DHCP, is that a Repeater Mode ?), with Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200 AWUS036AC USB dongle.

GL-MV1000 is on 3.105 Firmware
GL-MV1000 is connected to Asus Router that is set as Access Point ( AC1200 Asus Router).
GL-MV1000 is set on 5G WiFi

However, the speeds I am getting from GL-MV1000 connected through WiFi (AWUS036AC) is much slower in contast when directly connecting to the Asus WiFi Access Point.

Download speed is 450Mbs from Asus AP (on WiFi) AC1200
Download speed is 35Mbs from GL-MV1000 (on WiFi) AC1200

Connection is direct, no VPN is turned on.

How do I get the GL-MV1000 to have much faster WiFi speed, like the Asus AP?


Sounds like radio for 5GHz operating frequency is not set to max of 80MHz. You have option of 20-80 or just 80. Use the second. I see some 150Mbps speeds as opposed to 50Mbps on 20MHz.

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