GL-MV1000 - BRUME - SLOW Wireguard

GL-MV1000 (BRUME) with Mullvad Wireguard.

PURPOSE: IPTV streaming

  1. Installed flawlessly (great documentation on GL.INET and Mullvad websites).

2. Getting very slow speeds and buffering on Mullvad VPN when GL-MV1000 is handling the connection.
3. Getting amazing speeds when only using the local Wireguard client on desktop and NOT using GL-MV1000 to handle the connection.

I can confirm its not a Mullvad issue as the buffering only occurs when GL-MV1000 is involved.

Has anyone with the same problem been able to fix this or am I expecting too much? Through numerous testing I’m 100% sure its the GL-MV1000 hardware or unlikely the config on the device.

Can you describe your test method?

Sounds like it might be a wireguard MTU issue? Does Mullvad have some specific config needs?

I’ve decided to remove all my existing Wireguard client profiles and start from scratch.
I’ve added the MTU = 1420 (previously set to 1395 and should be anywhere between 1280-1420).

Thanks for the suggestion, I will report back later.

I got my GL-MV1000W today installed mullvad wireguard, killswitch and vpn policy no problem with speeds I get my full speed 50Mbit/s

Maybe the wireguard server had a problem?

Same issues after re-applying the configs.

If I use the GL-MV1000 to handle the Wireguard connection I get buffering on IPTV streaming.
If I DONT USE the GL-MV1000 and use the Mullvad client I DO NOT get buffering on IPTV streaming. (using the exact same config files, exact same MTU etc.)

The only thing that is different is the hardware which I now believe is a piece of crap and I’m getting rid of it.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Got GL-MV1000w with AWUS036AC dongle.

Disabled 2GHz radios, plugged in the 5GHz dongle, connected 1Gbit Ethernet to my Linksys WRT1200AC and connected my Surface Book 2 to Wi-Fi. All good. Looking at wi-fi properties - connected with AC. Going to and getting some 50Mbit/s download speed. Hmm - slow. Disconnected from MV100W and connected to Linksys wifi. Testing with speedtest - around 200Mbit/s download.

Well lets test 2GHz wifi. Unplugged 5GHz dongle and enabled 2GHz radios on MV1000w. Connected with wifi from Surface book. The wifi connection properties show N mode. Speed test - download around 30Mbit/s.

What is wrong? Played with wireless settings in on MW1000w, channles, etc. no change.

I really liked the Amazon parameter of 800Mbit/s speeds with 5GHz dongle. Also liked that 200Mbit/s VPN speeds advertised.

We are nowhere near that on wifi.

Can you advise where there is 800Mbps with 5G dongle?

867Mbit/s parameter is here for the dongle . But of course this does nothing on the router that does a fraction of that rate like MV1000 here.

That is the specs for the wifi dongle and it does not mean you can achieve that speed on the router.

The problem was the 5GHz setting for AC operating frequency. I selected 20-80MHz and this resulted in 20 and 50Mbps throughput. I changed the frequency to just 80MHz and the throughput rose to 150Mbps. This is something I can live with for the travel option. Still side by side Linksys WRT1200AC produces 250Mbps but does not fit in my backpack together with my laptop. Also having that fast AC dongle that can be attached directly to the laptop and produce faster wifi repeater is good to have option.

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