GL-MV1000 Brume + Wireguard very slow


I live in Vietnam and want to hook my LG Smart TV up to a router that support fast Wireguard. So I imported the MV1000 Brume, because it’s advertised with Wireguard speeds up to 280Mbps. My local connection is 250Mbps.

My connection with Mullvad Singapore or Hong Kong used to be 190 - 220 Mbps without any problems, but with the Brume router I’m only reaching 50 - 60 Mbps, which is not enough for IPTV.

I recently moved into a new built house. All Ethernet cables are brand new and support 1Gbps without any issue. On my Windows laptop with 5g WiFi + Mullvad app I easily reach the 180 Mbps speed as well.

So what’s going on here? Did I buy a product that is falsely advertising Wireguard speeds? I was not expecting 280Mbps, but 50 Mbps is not even 20% of the promised speed :frowning:

All tips / ideas are welcome!

How did you test the speed of Wireguard on Brume? Using cable? Or you have BrumeW and using wifi?

Pls did you test the speed using the same server as your phone?

It’s all cabled and yes using the same wg server on Brume as on phone or computer.

Dear Haste,
I just tested two servers in Singapore and HK with MullVad. Conclusion as follow:

  1. Singapore server maximum can achieve 157Mbps DL, 129 UL, but final is around 74-80Mbps.
  2. HK server maximum 201Mbps DL, 176Mbps UL.
    Attached please find the screenshots for your reference.

Thank you Simonli. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t get above 60 - 70 Mbps when using Mullvad via Brume. If I connect my laptop via ethernet to Brume and use Mullvad Windows app I easily reach 250 Mbps to Singapore.

I’ve tried changing the MTU settings from 1260 to 1320 to 1360 to 1440 back to 1500. Below 1440 the connection to is very bad. It’s not connecting. Best speeds for me with default settings.

I have no idea what’s left to test? Like I said before, a slight performance difference should be normal, but this is very disappointing :frowning:

I understand you, just we have no more idea about this.
I must point out that the CPU of Windows PC is faster and more powerful than of a router.
The vpn speed very depends on CPU calculation speed (Chipset Frequency), so if you run a WG client on PC, yes, the speed is very fast. But you cannot compare it with the router, they have no any competition factors.

I appreciate your help, but I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one with this problem on the GL.Inet routers. Did you import Mullvad wireguard configs manually on your test? Or did you add all the servers automatically with the option offered by the router?

If you can reach 160Mbit with the same router then why can’t I reach that? Even if I can easily reach 250Mbps on my Windows machine with Mullvad.

I just did a test with Torguard VPN with Wireguard to Hong Kong:

So as you can see I should be able to get decent speeds. Just don’t get why Mullvad is not giving me these speeds :frowning:

Oh, got it. I think you can check with Mullvad, I don’t know whether they limited the speed on each client.
When I tested their server, after achieving top speed, the speed fall to around 70Mbps quickly also.