GL-MV1000 disable firewall

I have 2 new GL-MV1000 VPN router, which I are planned to connect 2 different locations (my home and my vacation home). Is it possible to disable the firewall of the GL-MV1000 completely. The VPN routers sits behind a DSL router which already contains a firewall. My 2 x GL-MV1000 routers are used as wireguard servers connecting 2 differnet locations. So only the fuctionallity of the Wireguard server also for mobile dial in is used.
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If you put it after your main router, it does not matter if you turn its firewall off or not. It can just works as wireguard server.

Your other device will connect to your main router right? So MV1000 can just work in its default state and it does not affect your network typo.

Thanks for your quick answer. I know, at the moment the firewall in the vpn route ris activated and mostly everything is working. The problem is, that some of the devices which are connected to the main router are not able to reach the IP adresses within the vpn sub net

Are you using as vpn server or vpn client?

If using as vpn server, you do not need to use double NAT.

It`s VPN server only and for the VPN connection with Goodcloud to connect 2 locations, good point to disable double NAT.

Do you know how to switch off double NAT?

You can use AP mode.

Go more settings->network mode.