GL-MV1000 FireWall

Hi just set up my GL-MV1000 and I wonder if anyone knows how to set stealth settings for the ports in the firewall, at the moment it shows all ports open using shieldsup, any help would be apreshiated.
I’m new to this so be gentle🙂

If you check from the WAN side (not lan side), “all ports open” should not be the case.

In the lan side, all ports are open.

Thanks for the reply they show closed, I contacted technical and they replied with this answer.

“Sorry but so far our router don’t support make the firewall into stealth mode.
And our firmware is based on OpenWRT, kindly noted”

So I’m thinking I should put a router in front of the mv1000 instead of just a modem.
How have you over come this

I don’t think this is related to openwrt or something. If you set firewall rules to drop then it should be stealth mode.

You have to tell us how did you test and what you want to achieve, more precisely.

Hi thanks for the reply, with no VPN just connected to the DSL modem and checking on ShildsUp website it shows all ports closed not stealthed, hope you understand if I’ve explained it properly.