GL-MV1000 MiniDLNA performance

Dear users,
i am planning to change my two GL-B1300 against two MV1000W because of AdGuard Home support.
I am going to serve a hugh amount of flac’s via MiniDLNA over Brume as well.

What about the performance scanning these files on a daily start of Brume ? I compared my GL-AR750s mobile Router with the B1300 home router. It was a big difference. The B1300 can handle these files much more faster.

What do you think ? Is the MV1000 equal or faster than my loved GL-B1300’s ?


B1300 is a better Wireless AP - dual-band 11ac Wave2 and is a very capable router.

Brume has better VPN support, and would probably be a better file server over MiniDLNA.

I would keep the 2 B1300’s, and add one Brume…

Thank you sfx2000.
I have ordered a Brume and now, i can’t get MiniDLNA work with it. All configuration changes i make are not stored. For example: the place, where the audio files are stored. After pressing “safe” or “safe & apply”, changes are gone.

Any idea whats going wrong ?

I remember I needed to modify /etc/config/minidlna and test with starting service manually. I think it was the web page interface also which is native openwrt. I may have posted about it.