GL-MV1000 - Openvpn with fw 3.203

After upgrading firmware to latest version (fw. 3.203) openvpn connection wont route packets. Connection to server is still working but whi this release i can only ping machines “on the other side” (ssh fails with timeout).

If i Roll back to the older release (3.105) all works fine.

i have tried to upgrade the firmware with and without reset configuration but it still wont work.



Same problem confirmed

Upgrade 3.203 firmware for security,but something is very different with 3.105.
SSH could not to be used ,you could used WinSCP,if linux system ,command line:scp

ssh should never be a problem. Maybe it is due to something else.

Can you give more details? What is the server side?

Server side is a Sophos UTM appliance, with the latest software.

Is this OpenVPN server?

Does the vpn still connects?

sorry, i forgot some information.

i’m trying to connect to a Sophos UTM Firewall, which uses OpenVPN server (i don’t know exactly openvpn version).

The VPN still connects after firmware update but i can’t reach any machine on “the other side”; i can ping all of them but for example if i use ssh the connection ends with timeout.

with the previous gl.inet firmware all works.

This is strange. As long as I know, there is no difference in the client side. Especially you say you can ping but cannot ssh.

Does the ovpn has some push options? What does the content of ovpn look like?