GL-MV1000 & OpenWrt / LuCI & Snort IPS

GL-MV1000 & OpenWrt / LuCI & Snort IPS , any instructions on how to configure the package/plug-in Snort network intrusion detection and prevention system ?

Snort, is it configured from GUI or SSH ? [comparing it to pfSense] ?

Any of these documents would help ?


We will have IPS in firmware 4.x


@ alzhao Thank you for the update.

I install snort in mv1000w,but the IPS rules could not to big,that only 1GB DDR4 memory,so I install adblock+smartdns +ssr-plus,hope have a better way to deal with IPS,thank you!

What ids do you guys have in mind?

When is v4 firmware coming out?

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