GL-MV1000 slow PPPoE

I just got a new 1000 up/300 down connection, but with the brume in PPPoE (with a VLAN setted) the max speed I get is 500Mbit in down. Up speed is 300 as expected. Any pointers?

What speeds do you get with the router from your ISP provider? What client device did you use for the test. If you are using, then try different servers.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I don’t have a ISP modem. Just the brume.

Same speed. 500 down/300 up. I’m just looking for someone here telling me that they can get more than 500MBits in down with their brume over pppoe.
Because if that’s the case, my ISP is to blame.

I post a gl-inet routers speedtest comparison, my MV1000W result is around the same as yours.(around 500Mb the most with PPPoE and can’t be higher).

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Thank you! So now I know the Brume is to blame. Thanks!

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Install Htop and check CPU use. Probably it is hitting 100%