GL-MV1000 Wireguard speed is low


I’ve a problem with my network speed over the Brume and Wireguard. The upload is 50MBit and it works without.
With Wireguard I reach only 10 MBit. I didn’t adapt the configuration - means, all is stock.
The connection itself is stable an the reaction is good.
But I have no idea why the speed is so low.

Has anyone an idea what is the reason for?


Which service provider are you using?

Is you location far from the server?


the service provider is vodafone, via cable TV. 500MBit download and 50MBit upload.
Mhh, it’s 150km. With OpenVPN I have next to 50MBit.

What is the wireguard service provider?

Aahh! The Brume is acting as a wireguard server. Then I have several clients (PC, notebook, mobile, NAS).
If I access the NAS and doenload something from there, the download is too low. Now 10-17MBit. But the uppload itself, without wireguard, is stable at 50MBit.

So you are using Brume as server in your home?

If you download from the server, the speed should be capped at 50Mbps, which is the upload speed of your ISP network.

But I cannot understand your numbers.

i’ve understand that a client is outside of LAN connected through dyndns and download could be 50 MBit. If Wireguard is activated (client is outside of LAN, VPN to LAN over Brumme), the download will be limited at 10 MBit.
Download means upload from home-LAN to client outside (download)
without wireguard there’ll 50 MBit
with wireguard vpn there’ll be 10 MBit. So either brumme or wireguard reducing the possible 50 MBit speed to 10 MBit, but why?

Can you try openvpn?

10Mbps seems there is something wrong.

@mozarella Yes, correct.
I’ve tried the OpenVPN at my NAS (QNAP) and I reach approximately 50Mbit if I access the NAS from WAN.
If I’m inside of the same LAN as the Brume, I’ll reach a lot more than 200Mbit, without changing any options. So the Brume is able to deliver this speeds. But if I access from WAN, the speed is always to low. The connection itself is totally stable.
I try also with WG over Android with LTE on (147Mbit at speedtest before). → round about 16-18 Mbit donwload from the NAS over WG. Speedtest from Home to WAN 64Mbit.

The MV1000 with VPN:tor/openvpn/wireguard,If want to speed up maybe used v2ray/trojan,only install a application.