GL-MV1000 with AdGuard all clients show as localhost

I just got a GL-MV1000 and setup AdGuard, and its working amazingly. The only issue I’m having is that all my clients in the logs show as localhost. I can’t figure out what setting I change to make it so it shows all the clients IP’s instead of localhost.


In the log? Can you post some details?


He is talking about this:

@luochongjun would need to change some firewall rules so that Adguard receives the client making the DNS request, at the moment all requests appear to be coming from localhost.

Yes, thats exactly what I’m talking about.

I have the exact same issue.

Would be fantastic if it could do individual clients because then you can start using client based policy settings which you can’t at the moment :slight_smile: (eg kids devices have Facebook blocked but parents devices don’t).

Sorry but blocking Facebook benefits all :joy:


I second that. Dev, will this possibly be added into the next update, please?

Thank you.