GL-MV1000 With CyberGhost VPN

Is anyone else using CyberGhost VPN, it does work but takes sometimes about 20 attempts before I get a connection, I have tried using different protocols eg open VPN and Open VPN TCP, still seems problematic.

Nobody using CyberGhost VPN with the MV1000?

I never use Cyberghost.

Does the UI show some abnormal messages?

Did you ever use other services?

Hi thanks for the reply Yes I would have to disconnect and then try a reconnect to get them but it retries to connect every 2 seconds or so but al ways fails, the only way to connect is manually connect many times until it eventually connects with just 2 lines one is the IP address assigned.
The only connection mode I haven’t tried is IKEv2, I have the latest firmware on the router, and even tried a beta a few weeks back but dint seen any different.
To change the subject a bit I have been thinking of changing To Shark or PIA as there prices seem to be good, but if you read reviews of VPN’s they nearly all favour different VPN’s.

The most popular ones I used are

Thanks for the reply, sorry I never answered you’re question if I ever used another VPN not since I had this router, have you used Surshark with this router.
Expressvpn Seem to be popular but there a little on the steep side cost wise.
Don’t know Azirevpn I will have a look, I wish someone else had this router with Cyberghost.

I just tried surfshark today

Does it connect More of less straight away

Yes of course. It is easy to configure

if u have some problems u can also use some VPN of the best VPN list on 2022 which u can find on