GL-MV1000W with active USB-hub on the USB 2.0 port

Hello everybody,

I am using the GL-MV1000W and have tested some USB hubs with active power supply on the USB 2.0 port. Unfortunately none is recognized by the MV1000 / or a connected USB stick or Alfa AWUS036ACS on the USB hub is also not recognized. Is there already a possibility / package that enables the MV1000 to recognize the USB hub?

The USB 2.0 port on the MV1000W works fine on its own, without a USB hub.

I am currently using the 3.203_beta3 release

Thanks and best regards from Germany

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Can you get the system log?

ssh to the router and use “logread” and “dmesg” to get the log.

You can also get the log in luci