GL-S10 BLE gateway firmware

I want to try using my GL-S10 with ESPHome firmware, to integrate BLE devices (that are advertising sensor information) with my Home Assistant install, as per The Best Home Assistant Bluetooth Proxy: GL.iNet GL-S10 | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

However, I want to make sure I can revert to stock firmware again if I don’t like that. I think I can save a copy of the current firmware using esptool, but I’d be more comfortable if there is an official source for the firmware. Does GL-iNet make that available, and if so, where from?

Our standard firmware source is not open source. However, if you need to re-burn our standard firmware, you can email us technical support and we will provide you with the complete firmware file.

Thanks Kelly, that’s fine. I don’t need the source code - I just want to make sure I have a method of returning the device to the stock firmware before I start “tinkering” with it! :smiley: