GL-S10 crash restart loop problem with AWS firmware

Hey GL.iNet forum!

I’ve updated the firmware of my GL-S10 to gl-s10-aws-factory-3.0.3.bin. My hardware revision is GL-S10_V1.0. After switching to the AWS firmware, my device is stuck in crash & restart loop. It never turns on and crashes after giving this error:

file: "../components/gl_dev_network/src/gl_dev_network.c" line 93
func: gl_install_eth
expression: esp_eth_driver_install(&config, &eth_handle)

abort() was called at PC 0x40093a0b on core 0

Please check the attached full log file glinet-esp32.log. (3.4 KB)

The device works well with the standard firmware. The issue occurs only with the “AWS” firmware. What are the differences between aws firmware and the standard-factory firmware? I’d like to connect this gateway to AWS IoT Core; so do I need the aws version? If yes, how can I fix the restart & crash loop problem?

Thanks in advance.

I replicated this issue on the v1.0 board, and due to the different phy on the v1.0 and v2.0 boards, the initialization configuration of the network port is somewhat different. Currently, there is no such issue after recompilation. I will send you the firmware via email first. The firmware can be obtained through online upgrades in the future.

Thanks a lot! I confirm that the updated firmware works as expected.