GL-S1300 slow WAN

I’ve had this router for a couple of months now. Installed latest firmware.

Since early this year, my WAN speeds have dropped from mid 500Mbs to upper 90Mbs. I’m on Verizon FIOS 1Gb. At first I thought it was the line provisioning, but after disconnecting and reconnecting the line the speeds went up back to 400Mbs. However, after a few days the speeds are now down to 100Mbs max.

This all sounds very strange. I didn’t really do anything odd with the router, have it connected to the xyz Cloud and that’s about it in terms of settings. There are about 50 devices connected to it.

Any suggestions?

When it goes down to 100mbps, can you check if the speed negotiation drops to 100Mbps?

You can ssh to the router and use ifconfig to check.

No, the speed remains at 1000Mb/s (ethtool; txqueuelen:1000 ).

Please use the following command to check negotiation speed.

swconfig dev switch0 show | grep port

port:5 is the wan.
port 3 and 4 is lan.