GL-S200 Review, Questions and Suggestions


I recently bought the GL-S200, and have been trying to use it for a variety of applications. It seems there are many features that are currently limiting it from being an absolutely incredible product. I wrote the following document at the request of the sales group, and had submitted it to them. They recently asked that I publish this to the forum here to get additional feedback and thoughts.

If you are a GL-S200 user I’d like to hear your thoughts and feedback to add here also.

I want to see this product become incredible, and there are many of these issues that could be resolved fairly easily.

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Hi Scott,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback on the testing of our products, it is very very useful to us!
I will immediately organize a discussion of your feedback with the relevant staff and will give feedback on the issues involved in this thread.


Hi Scott,

Thanks again for supporting and testing our product, I’ve added our response to your document. If you have more content you’d like to share with us, you’re more than welcome to talk to us directly in this post!

The next version of firmware for the gl-s200, which we expect to release early next month, will be an updated version of openthread and some new features, as well as incorporating some of the requirements you mentioned.


Excellent! Thank you for considering my thoughts and feedback. I’ll review your comments in my doc. I look forward to the S200 being a great product and demonstrating some of what it can do!

Hello! I wanted to check in and see how things are progressing with the new S200 firmware?

We are anxious to get going with our project, but need many of these to be completed before we can deploy for testing. I look forward to your reply!

Hello @kelly ,

I know that you indicated the new firmware was going to be available early December … can you provide a status update?

Sorry for the late reply!! We have released v4.1.4-0300 last December, you can download the latest firmware on the following page, or select the automatic upgrade from the web page of your device.

We are currently testing a new version of the firmware internally and expect to release it this month. Our version iteration plan for the IOT Gateway is to release a new version every quarter.


Thank you for this information. I’ve updated my S200 and am testing the new firmware now. I look forward to the next version coming soon!