GL-S200 Unable to upgrade Thread Development Boards

We are trying to test a new GL-S200 at a new location. Upon power on we updated the S200 to v4.1.5 and it is working ok.

When I commissioned the Thread Development Boards they have joined, and on the Devices page there is the menu to “Devices upgrade firmware”. When I click this, it indicates it wants to upgrade from 1.1.5 → 1.2.2 I select all, and click Next, select FTD and then it displays the progress bar… The update simply sits at 0% and never completes the upgrade.

The devices are reporting, is there a bug in the firmware in performing this update of the Thread Development Boards?

@kelly do you have any suggestions here?

Hi, Humancell

Did you disable SRP server when you upgraded your Thread Development Boards? Could you please check the SRP server status on S200 website?

I did not touch that setting. The SRP Server is current OFF. Your image shows it turned on?

I’ve now turned it on and it appears that it is working!

Thank you!