GL-SF1200:Clients QoS / Bandwidth control bug?

I have a wired broadband connection of 100 mbps.

When I enable Clients QoS to control the bandwidth speed, my total internet speed gets limited to 50% - download speed does not exceed 50 mbps and upload speed is around 100 mbps. If I disable Client QoS, shows the download speed around 100 mbps, and the upload speed around 200 mbps.

Why is the bandwidth speed getting limited by half - Is this a bug? I am on firmware version 3.215.

QOS features have an impact on performance

Honestly, that’s very disappointing to hear - I bought this router thinking it has a capable dual core 1 Ghz CPU. Surprising it can’t handle this kind of use case, when my 7+ year old TP-Link router with a 500 Mhz single core CPU and only 32 MB RAM, running dd-wrt, was easily able to do this kind of QoS without limiting my bandwidth in any manner!

Moreover, I am also concerned about some reports online pointing out that even though the specs say the ethernet ports are Gigabit ports, the router still limits it to 100mbps. And there are no OpenWRT ports available for the GL-SF1200 as there are still closed source code in it and it is highly unlikely that it will even see any upgrade because of this. (I wish GL-iNet had been more honest about all this - I wouldn’t have minded spending a bit more to buy a better router from them. But now I don’t have good impression of GL-iNet and am likely to avoid their product).

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It is unfortunate, but unless you read this forum and the OpenWRT forum, and have time to search out other peoples reviews, it is very hard to know which GL iNet products have clean OpenWRT ports, and which don’t. I just checked and this page:

It shows: OpenWrt Pre-installed

What is installed on this router is really not OpenWrt, and I have seen several posts on the OpenWrt forum complaining about GL iNet calling their firmware OpenWrt, when it really is not. In the case of the SF1200, it is based on an old version of OpenWrt, so stating that OpenWrt Pre-installed is at best a disingenuous, and some might call it outright lying.

More on this at: How do GL-iNet devices become supported by official OpenWrt releases? - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

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