GL-SF1200 No access to config, works as bridge

Hi there,

I’ve just received a brand new GL-SF2100 and I can’t access the web interface at all on

If I’m connected to it via Ethernet directly or on it’s SSID, my IP address appears as belonging to my ISP’s router subnetwork (192.168.0.xx), so it looks like the SF1200 is working like a bridge but I’m can’t access its management page as I’m not on its own subnetwork. I can access the web with it (I’m actually typing this while on ethernet only on the GL, deactivated WiFi on the PC).

I’ve done a 3s reset and a 10s reset already, it doesn’t change a thing.

The GL-SF2100 is plugged into a Gigabit Linksys switch linked directly to my ISP’s router. Everything seems to go through it as if it where a dumb switch.

Any idea of what I could do to be able to manage the thing ? Thank in advance for your help.

You should be able to default the config on it by:
LEt it boot normally. once settled
Hold the button on the right down for 10 seconds (untill the LEDS flash at you).
This should delete any config and it wil behave as expected.



thanks for your answer. I’ve already done that. Same thing. I’ll try again.

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If its using the pseudo bridging feature in openwrt (relayd0, try giving yourself a static in and seeing if you can then reach

There is the nuclear option.
Do the same button pressing when powering up and reload the firmware.
Instructions at Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

Given neither you and I quite know how its configured. You might be better with the latter anyway!

good luck


Ok I 've just done that, the router didn’t do the 3 or 5 times blinking but seemed to boot normally (and yes I was pressing firmly on the rest button). But now the I can’t establish an Ethernet connection with it and its SSID doesn’t appear anymore.

As I’ve no access to the LAN I can’t change my IP to

I think this model is defective, I’ve just received it from Amazon, still sealed and didn’t have the chance to mess with its configuration.

A brand new GL-SF1200 should not be in bridge mode. It may have been returned and repackaged so it looks brand new.

I suggest you submit a return and Amazon will send you a new unit before even receiving the returned unit.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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Seems you connect the cable from your ISP router to the LAN port.

You should connect SF1200’s WAN port to your ISP router’s LAN port.

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