GL-SF1200 & Remote Access (Good Cloud) not working

Remote Access Bug
Enabling GoodCloud gives the following error & the device does not connect to GoodCloud.

url =

utils_NLB failed!

Tried both testing and current release firmware but no luck!
3.204 (Testing)
3.203 (Release)

PS: Device is configured in Access Point Mode (Network Mode)

Please guide

Thank you

Thanks for feedback, our server have been upgraded recently and we need to check log of server if have any problem.

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I received a device online notification email however on the goodcloud website it shows deactivated. Is it because of the testing firmware?

Can you make sure the region setting on the device is the same as you are accessing on the cloud?

Yes, it matches

Asia / Pacific


mqtt init success!
Subscribe succeeded

But on the glinet app I get an error “device is not activated”

However the device status is online

But I’m not able to access any settings

Is everything fine with release firmware now?

can you please the link to the latest release firmware. Im not able to find it on gl-inet website.

I shall re flash and update

thank you

my bad … I just checked the last 3 digits of the release :grimacing:

flashing it now!

it also shows warning of firmware being older than the one installed … I think it is due the testing version no which is 204

FIXED! :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you all for the support